Air Duct Cleaning – Rid Your Tampa Bay Home of Harmful Contaminants and Dust

With more people becoming aware of air pollution in their environment, air duct cleaning is the only way to ensure you are breathing healthy air inside your home. Air duct cleaning can reduce or eliminate harmful pollutants including dirt, dust and harmful organisms that harbor in the vents and ducts of your heating and cooling system.

Living on the Gulf Coast

The beauty and serenity of living along the Gulf Coast offers an amazing living experience unlike anywhere else in the nation. However, everyone living in Central Florida, especially in the Tampa, Clearwater and Brandon communities experience a high degree of cross breezes traveling from the Gulf of Mexico toward the Atlantic Ocean.

Along with the cool salty air the breeze brings with it high levels of mildew, algae, bacteria, fungi and other particulates that can easily get caught in the vent systems and air ducts of your heating and cooling units. The only way to ensure you are breathing fresh air, free of any harmful contaminants, is to have a specialist clean your air ducts. By ridding your ducts of airborne contaminants, you will reduce many of the harmful germs inside your home.

Antimicrobial Sanitizers

By applying antimicrobial chemical sanitizers along the interior surface of your air ducts, your air duct cleaning specialist can eliminate any microbial contamination. Before the sanitizer can be applied, the entire interior portion of venting system needs to be thoroughly cleaned. The cleaning is significantly helpful to all allergic people, the elderly, along with infants that are all highly susceptible to microbial contaminants. Often times, individual sensitive to allergens will experience respiratory problems due to fungi, algae, mildew, bacteria along with dust mites.

Expectations of a Clean Vent System

The biggest reason to consider having your air ducts cleaned anytime of the year is to reduce or eliminate the contaminants that cause sneezing, coughing, headaches, and allergies. Additionally, the vents might be full of dust, new construction contaminants, and smoke odors. If you are moving into a new home, or any unit that has been previously occupied, you should consider having your air ducts cleaned to ensure you are breathing optimally clean air.

Furnace and Air Conditioner

The air duct cleaning specialist will first test your entire air conditioning system to ensure it is operating properly. After disconnecting the power, the professional can begin the process of cleaning out the entire unit. They will vacuum the interior of the furnace and the air conditioner and clean the blower unit and the cooling coils.

Registers and Grills

The specialist will clean the return registers and grills. Removing each one from the venting system, all of the register and grill will be washed with the cleanser and rinsed completely. With them removed, the professional will insert register plugs into the openings of every duct and block the return air with a bag filter.

Return Ducts

Using a large negative air machine, the professional specialist will attach it to the return duct. This device will directly brush and clean the insides of the air ducts. The entire process will decontaminate the entire venting system.

Electrostatic Filter

After the process of cleaning your air ducts is complete, the specialist will remove their equipment and most likely install a solid odor remover into the return area of your venting system. All registers and grills will be placed back in their original position.

What You Can Do

Now that you have had your air ducts thoroughly cleaned, you can reduce the levels of allergens, dust mites and microbial bacteria by sanitizing your pillows and bedding. Additionally, you can have your carpets sanitized to help remove the millions of tiny pests that harbor deep within the piling.

It is imperative to replace your air filter every month, to ensure your reducing or eliminating the biggest majority of particulates that float in the air within your home. Be sure you use the correct size filter, and one that has been rated to eliminate dust mites, contaminants, microbial bacteria and other particulates.

Finding a Professional

When seeking out a quality professional to handle your air ducts cleaning needs, you need to make sure they have the experience, equipment and reputation to do the job properly. Skillful companies, such as And Services, that service Tampa, Clearwater and Brandon will offer competitive prices and first-class results.