Air Conditioning Repairs – When You Know It Is Time to Call for Service

Air conditioning repairs, service and maintenance are crucial to maintain the comfort levels of the air in your home during the humid and hot months throughout the year. Living in the Tampa Bay area within the coastal cities of Tampa, Clearwater and Brandon, it is essential to make sure your air conditioning system is operating properly year-round. Though the summer months along the seaside of the Gulf of Mexico can be overwhelming, most Tampa Bay residents turn their heating and cooling systems to the air-conditioning setting in mid-April and leave it on until the end of October. Because of the heat, it is imperative to ensure your air conditioner is running properly before the summer months arrive.

Due to the complexities of your air conditioner, it is nearly impossible to see the signs that your system might be failing or in need of repair. Because of that, most air conditioner manufacturers suggest a regular air conditioner maintenance program, with a professional coming to your home once a year in northern states, and twice a year in the South. A qualified technician will perform a multi-point inspection of your unit to ensure its operating at full capacity.

There will be times when your system just fails. It may be due to the age of your air conditioner, or how much it has been used in the last number of years. It could also be a result of a poorly designed air-conditioning system, one that uses a compressor which is too small to handle the load of cool air required for the size of your home. Whatever the reason, when the need arises, it is important to call a professional to ensure the conditioner is repaired properly and operating at its peak performance.

Reasons to Call for Repair

  • Will Not Turn On – If for whatever reason your air conditioning system will not turn on, you will need to make an appointment for repair service. Although it might be something as simple as a tripped breaker, or a broken fuse, there most likely is an underlying reason that caused the circuit to break.
  • No Cooling Air – If your air conditioner is running, but no longer produces cool or cold air, it is highly recommended to turn the unit off and contact your repair service. While the problem might be a result of something simple like a broken relay, it could be something significantly more critical as a non-functioning compressor.
  • Water Leaking – If the air-conditioning system is leaking an abundant amount of water that it typically does not produce, you need turn the unit off and to call for an appointment for repair service.
  • Ice Buildup -If you have noticed any buildup of ice around or inside the air-conditioning unit that is not normal, you should turn the unit off, and call for service.
  • Smoke and Sparks – Witnessing smoke or sparks coming out of your air-conditioning unit, or the compressor outside, is never a good thing. If you can, trip the circuit breaker inside your electrical panel that controls your air conditioner and the compressor, or remove the fuse, to ensure it is off.
  • Immediately call your repair service to remedy the situation.

Doing It Yourself

While there are many things you can do around the house to offset your maintenance costs of the upkeep of your home, air conditioning repairs should never be something you do on your own. Because the potential risk of injuring yourself along with causing an excessive amount of damage to your conditioner, it is a repair that is best left to the professionals. Statistics indicate that the majority of people that make an attempt to repair their nonworking air conditioner actually end up paying more to a trained professional to repair the original problem, along with the damage they caused.

Finding a Qualified Professional

When attempting to find a qualified professional in your area you need to seek out those that are experienced in air conditioning repairs on all of the major brands. With their high level of experience, along with noted dependability and a good reputation in the community, quality professionals can mean the difference of getting it fixed properly or not. Respected companies, such as And Services, have all the skill, equipment and reliability necessary to perform your repairs correctly.