How to Keep Holiday Guests Comfortable

Though it would certainly be ideal if everyone lived near enough to one another that they could all just go home after Thanksgiving dinner and festivities, that’s not usually the case. In fact, more often than not, you may have family members staying until the end of the weekend. Here are some tips on keeping your holiday guests comfortable.

Prepare the Guest Bedroom

If you’re like most people, your guest bedroom probably serves double-duty as a craft room, an office, or even a home gym. Before your guests arrive, do your best to clean the room thoroughly and make it look as neat as possible. Tuck papers into drawers, put craft supplies into baskets, and fold any equipment that will allow it. Then, put fresh, soft linens on the bed and make sure the drawers are stocked with some little amenities like scented soaps, wax melts, and other things that may help keep your holiday guests comfortable while they are away from home.

Check the Heating and Cooling

If your guest bedroom gets very little use when you don’t have company, then you’ll need to check the vents and registers if you truly want to keep your holiday guests comfortable. Make sure they’re opened enough to allow the room to remain the same temperature as the rest of your home, and consider even adding a window air conditioner or small space heater just to provide your guests with the ability to customize the room’s temperature to their liking. This can go a long way toward providing them with all the comforts of their home. If something seems amiss, call your local HVAC technicians for a maintenance visit before your guests arrive.

Make the Guest Bathroom Amazing

Your guests probably won’t spend a lot of time in the bathroom, but if you truly want to make your holiday guests comfortable while they are staying with you, a spa-like bathroom is a great solution. Break out your best, softest towels and keep these stored in such a way that your guests know they should use them. If you have extra plush bathrobes, wash these and hang them on the back of the door in an inviting manner. Stock things like extravagant shampoo, toothpaste, and even scented candles or potpourri to make it feel like a safe and cozy retreat.

Be Wary of Your Pets

You may be used to your fur babies on the furniture or asking for your attention, but there’s a good chance your guests are not. Be sure to let your houseguests know what types of pets you have so they can prepare accordingly if they have allergies. What’s more, while you shouldn’t have to quarantine your pets to a cage or single room during your guests’ entire stay, it is courteous and polite to prevent your pets from entering the guest bedroom and bathroom during this time. Baby gates are a wonderful tool for denying your pets access to certain parts of your home.

It doesn’t take much to make your holiday guests comfortable during their stay, and with just a few small touches and a little thought, you can turn Thanksgiving (as well as the days before and after) into a memorable experience for everyone – including you and your guests.