HVAC Word Match

girl thinking about HVAC definitions

Are you ready to test your HVAC vocabulary?  The answers are at the bottom of the table, but no peeking!

 Definition Word
1. This is one of the reasons that your ductwork may need to replaced, and it is normal for this to happen as your system gets older.A. Rising energy costs [READ MORE]
2. A type of ductwork that promotes efficient air flow, but has limited applications.B. Thermostats [READ MORE]
3. You should turn down your thermostat by this much during the summer when you are not home during the day.C. Programmable [READ MORE]
4. A type of ductwork that is constructed of non-metallic materials that are reinforced with wire.D. Fiberglass board [READ MORE]
5. Before hiring an HVAC contractor, you should check that the contractor is licensed in Florida and also check this websiteE. Second opinion [READ MORE]
6. Having a professional technician from And Services perform routine maintenance in your HVAC system in the fall helps prevent preventable repairs, shortened lifespan of the system and this.F. No hidden costs [READ MORE]
7. Older thermostats have this type of strip that is made of two different types of metals.G. Wear and tear [READ MORE]
8. In addition to reduced indoor air quality and uneven temperatures throughout your home, this is a sign that your ductwork may need to be replaced.H. 10 to 15 degrees [READ MORE]
9. Older thermostats use this to power the heating system on and off.I. Mercury switch [READ MORE]
10. The quote for replacing, maintaining and repairing your home HVAC system should always have this.J. Bimetallic [READ MORE]
11. Something that you should get to feel more confident about the HVAC work you have done in your home.K. BBB [READ MORE]
12. The Department of Energy recommends that your heating system be set at this temperature during the winter.L. Ductwork blower [READ MORE]
13. When you remodel your home or add square footage, you should consider replacing your vents, HVAC system and these devices.M. Heating failure [READ MORE]
14. A type of thermostat that lets you use a schedule of temperature settings for night, after work and other times of day.N. 68 degrees [READ MORE]
15. A technician from And Services will check your ductwork with this type of test.O. Flexible ductwork [READ MORE]

Bonus Question

Your HVAC system is an investment in your home, and you make staying on budget a top priority.  When you need work on your HVAC system, you need a professional who is competent in the repair, installation and maintenance of HVAC systems, both modern and older models.  You also need a company that continuously trains its technicians, keeps your family and valuables safe while performing the work, complies with local and state laws and enhances the value of your home.  The best way to ensure all of these things is to hire a:

A. Neighbor
B. Friend of a friend
C. Person who did work on your street
D. Licensed HVAC contractor
E. None of the above

ANSWERS: 1G, 2D, 3H, 4O, 5K, 6M, 7J, 8A, 9I, 10F, 11E, 12N, 13B, 14C, 15L, Bonus: D