Do You Have A Maze Of Ductwork?

Duct work is not something that homeowners see every day because it is tucked inside the walls and ceilings. If you look at a blueprint of your home, though, the duct work could look like pure chaos. Duct work does need to be positioned to properly deliver heated and cooled air to each area of your home, but it should have some semblance of order.

Why is My Duct Work in Disarray?

Most times when we see duct work that is haphazardly placed, it usually means that we are looking at one of three situations:

  • An older home that has square footage added to the original structure
  • New construction with HVAC systems that were installed by unqualified companies
  • HVAC “band-aid” fixes that involved adding new duct work

In all of these cases, the duct work is not designed to support the efficiency of the HVAC equipment, so your utility costs are higher than necessary considering the performance of your heating and cooling system.

Can AND Services Help with Poor Duct Work Design?

AND Services is a leading and licensed HVAC contractor in the Tampa area that offers installation, repair and maintenance services. Our experience with heating and air conditioning systems means that we know how to properly install duct work to maximize the efficiency of HVAC equipment. We use our knowledge and expertise to reconfigure the duct work in your home to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment and reduce your energy costs. When we streamline your duct work, we will:

  • Evaluate each section to determine if any of the existing duct work can remain in place. This minimizes the cost of new materials and labor.
  • Performs repairs on the duct work to maximize the efficiency and lifetime of your HVAC equipment. Gaps, tears and other damage in the duct work make your heating and air conditioning system harder to maintain the desired temperature.
  • Clean the sections of duct work to remove dust, debris, bacteria, mold and other harmful pollutants.
  • Install new duct work in a streamlined design. During our evaluation, we will determine if the duct work needs to be re-sized based on your HVAC system and appliances.

Replacing Duct Work Sounds Messy…

Like any home improvement project, re-configuring your duct work does have some short-term inconveniences, but with significant long-term benefits. We understand that your home and family will be impacted by the work, so we take steps to protect your valuables and ensure that your family is comfortable during the project.

How Do I Know If I Have a Maze of Duct Work?

Call today to schedule an inspection with one of our expert technicians to find out if you have a chaotic maze of duct work in your home. Our technician will describe the problems with the current design as well as the impact on your HVAC equipment and utility costs. We will provide a comprehensive estimate and timeline for the duct work replacement project, and schedule the project at your convenience. If you are unable to proceed with the redesign of your duct work in the near-term, our technician may be able to recommend ways to reduce utility costs and protect your HVAC system until you can have the duct work reconfigured.