Different Methods for Heating Florida Homes

There are several methods for heating Florida homes, and some may be better than others since the winters here are typically short-lived and mild. Learning about the different ways in which your home can be heated may help you save time and money in the long run.

Air Conditioners with Heat Strips

Now, most Florida homes have air conditioners that are equipped with heat strips, or a heating element that can be used to warm the home in the event that the temperature drops significantly during the winter. While this is a great choice for locations like Tampa because it rarely gets incredibly cold or stays cold for long periods of time, it can be an expensive one. Running your unit with the heating element turned on costs up to three times more than running the air conditioner alone.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump is often a good choice for heating a home in Florida because it extracts the air that is warmed by the sun even with the temperatures outside dip. This air is then passed over a condensing unit where it is warmed and put into your home through a series of ducts and an electric blower. However, the main drawback is that some heat pumps cool less efficiently than traditional central air units and your home will not be as cooler during the hot summer months. Similarly, these units are sometimes more expensive to purchase and install than their counterparts.

Electric Furnace

An electric furnace and central air combination is a fantastic choice because it allows you to choose which you would like to run at any given time and it can keep up with the hottest summers as well as the coolest winters. Of course, this is also quite an investment for someone in the Tampa area since the winters here are typically mild, but it is guaranteed to keep you comfortable all year round no matter what Mother Nature brings.

Gas Furnace

A gas furnace has the same application as an electric furnace for the most part since it is separate from the air conditioner and it has a sole purpose of heating your home when it turns cool outside. They are a bit more expensive to purchase and install than an electric furnace, but this comes with an advantage since the natural gas that is burned is more efficient, meaning that every dollar you spend on heating your home produces more heat overall. Of course, you also have to consider that you will have to install a flue pipe, which is sometimes referred to as a furnace chimney, and this can be expensive, too.

The option that is right for you depends upon several different factors which include the location of your home, how insulated your home is, and your optimal comfort level. Any of the above systems can be installed in a Florida home, but it is up to you and your trusted technicians to find the most viable solution for your unique application.