Why Air Conditioning System Sizing is Important

Homeowners often replace broken air conditioning systems with a bigger and improperly sized systems. They think bigger is better. But, improperly sized systems can lead to high-energy costs, humidity problems and even a shortened life of the equipment. These HVAC systems perform best when matched to the size of the space they will cool.

New Energy Efficient Systems

Cooling your home down in the heat can be a costly venture. When it comes to air conditioning systems, we all want to save money. You may think that purchasing a larger air conditioning system will cool you home more quickly and therefore be more cost effective. On the contrary, improperly sized air conditioning units do not use energy as efficiently as a properly fitting system and can ultimately spike your monthly energy bills. True, shorter cycles are needed to keep the house at a cool temperature with a larger unit, but the cycles have to occur more often and this causes a loss of humidity control. This humidity causes an uncomfortable living situation and an increase in your monthly energy bills.

System Performance

Air conditioners are meant to provide relief from the heat and humidity outside. Over-sized air conditioning systems do not provide the ultimate comfort homeowners seek when temperatures rise. When an over-sized system is used, many things can go wrong throughout the life of the air conditioner. For example, the system has a hard time controlling humidity in a space when the system is too large, causing fluctuations in temperature. The humidity in the air caused by the over-sized system can cause duct leakage, reduce the air quality in your home and ultimately cause mildew to develop. Moisture damage in a home can be a costly fix, but can be easily avoided with a properly sized air conditioner.

System Life

The life of your air conditioning unit can play a vital roll in energy efficiency and overall cost. You want a system that is going to work quickly and that is going to stand the test of time. Larger air conditioning systems run on short, powerful cycles that cool your home down quickly. These short cycles occur often, causing wear and tear on your home cooling system. Because larger systems run more frequently, their parts and machinery are worn, causing you to have to replace things like air filters and leaky ducts. These system repairs can be costly, but those costs can be avoided with a properly sized air conditioning system in your home. Maintenance is required less often, and your home remains comfortable.

When you are in need of a new air conditioner, the process of purchasing one can be a challenge. You could face an even larger challenge and an even larger bill, if you purchase a home cooling system that is improperly sized. Before you buy, conduct some research on your home and various cooling systems, and recall the importance of properly sized air conditioning units. Most importantly, call a good licensed HVAC contractor that can properly determine the best size unit for your home. You could save a ton!