The 5 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

air conditioning technician adding freon

It might seem a bit alarmist, but it is no exaggeration to state that there are hundreds of potential problems that can come up in air conditioning systems. Furthermore, there are innumerable causes for those problems, each with its own signs and solutions. As a result, getting an expert to repair the air conditioning as soon as possible is important. This is both because expertise is needed to correct the problem and because air conditioning problems that are left to languish have unfortunate tendencies of exacerbating over time.

Here are the five most common air conditioning problems:

Electric Control Failure

No component is safe from experiencing wear and tear. The air conditioning system’s compressor and fan controls are not exempt from this problem. Over time, these components plus the air conditioning system’s wiring and terminals can all wear out through their usage. Once these components fail, the air conditioning system will cease functioning.

Faulty Wiring

Bad wiring during the installation process can lead to the air conditioning system not getting the electricity it needs to function. Similarly, bad wiring can also overload the electrical circuits and trip the circuit breakers. In worst case scenarios, the circuit breakers can fail. In that case, the circuits will heat up until a fire is ignited.

Heat Sensor Problems

A thermostat is used to measure the temperature in the surroundings so that the air conditioning system knows when to cool and when to stop. Thermostats can malfunction for all sorts of reasons, though one of the most common is the misalignment of the heat sensor placed before the evaporator coil. Sensor misalignment and other causes of thermostat failure can cause the heat sensor to either stop functioning or start turning on and off at the wrong times.

Leaking Refrigerant

Air conditioning systems need the right amount of refrigerant to do their best. Having insufficient refrigerant can be a sign of improper installation. However, it can also be a sign that the refrigerant is leaking out. If the latter happens to be the case, then refilling the air conditioning system with refrigerant is not going to solve the problem because that refrigerant is also going to leak out. Instead, contact a contractor to get the problem fixed at the source.

Poor Maintenance

Air conditioning systems cannot last forever. However, inadequate maintenance is going to see air conditioning systems being relegated to the trash heap a lot sooner than their better-maintained counterparts. Over time, dust can build up in filters and air conditioning coils, which reduce the effectiveness of the air conditioning system and forcing it to use more energy to achieve the same effect. Similarly, other parts experience regular wear and tear through their usage. Unless these problems are caught and fixed, the air conditioning system can end up failing because one or more of its components are no longer capable of functioning.

For most people, the simplest solution to these problems is to arrange for regular maintenance from a contractor with experience handling air conditioning systems. In contrast, individuals who have either the requisite technical skills or at least enough interest to learn can conduct said maintenance on their own. Bear in mind that maintenance should be conducted on a proactive basis according to a fixed schedule rather than in response to problems popping up.