Summer Condenser Maintenance

The condenser is one of the main components of your home air conditioning system. Like other parts of your HVAC system, the unit operates efficiently when it is properly maintained. Unfortunately, because the condenser sits outside away from other parts of the heating and cooling system, most homeowners in the Tampa area pay little attention to the unit.  As a leading HVAC company in the Tampa Bay area, we strive to educate homeowners on ways to maintain their HVAC systems to prevent repairs and shorter lifetimes of the equipment.

What is a Condenser?

Your air conditioning system cools your home through a process known as “heat transfer,” and the condenser has a key role in the exchange of heat. Gas refrigerant passes through the condenser and is cooled to a liquid state. Warm air passes over the liquid refrigerant, and the heat is transferred to the refrigerant. The heat exchange causes the refrigerant to turn back into a gaseous state, and the cool air is distributed throughout your home.

Why Do Condensers Need Maintenance?

Because the condenser sits outside year-round, it is exposed to every weather condition. In the winter, the unit is exposed to freezing temperatures, dust and debris. During the summer, the unit is exposed to heat from the sun and rain all while running constantly. The unit is also susceptible to damage by pests, items stored near the unit and even the family pet. The times when the air conditioning system is running most is when we experience the highest level of service calls for broken and damaged condensers.

Tips for Summer Condenser Maintenance

Luckily homeowners can take some easy steps to keep their condensers running efficiently and prevent costly repairs and equipment replacements.

Cleaning the Condenser

One of the best ways to protect your condenser is to clean the unit every month. You can use a low-pressure spray from a hose to rinse off mud, dirt, debris and sludge from the outside of the unit. If your unit seems to need a higher level of maintenance, call us to schedule a maintenance tuneup with one of our technicians. We will remove the cover and thoroughly clean inside the unit and inspect the components for wear and tear. Even if you need repairs, the cost is much more affordable than replacing the unit over the summer.

Cover the Condenser

Our staff can recommend condenser covers that protect the unit without interfering with efficient operation. Homeowners should not cover the unit with tarps, plastic and other types of materials. High quality condenser covers are lightweight, easy to use and very affordable.

Keep Pets Away From the Unit

Most homeowners have backyards so that their pets have room to play and roam, but Fido needs to understand that the condenser is off limits. Dog urine will damage the unit, so you should put up a barrier around the condenser to prevent pets from relieving themselves on your expensive HVAC equipment. Our staff can recommend ways to keep pets and pests away from your outdoor HVAC equipment.

Trim the Bushes

If you have any type of vegetation near your condenser, you should keep it trimmed and neat. The grass near your condenser should be mowed at least once a week. Avoid using creeping or tall plants within 5 feet of your outdoor unit.

By following these steps, you can extend the lifetime of your HVAC equipment. Call today to learn more tips for maintaining your HVAC equipment or to schedule an in-home evaluation by one of our professional technicians!