Remodeling? Don’t Forget Your HVAC System.

woman considering kitchen remodel needs hvac system

Remodeling is a dream of many homeowners.  Perhaps you are adding new space for a recent arrival or updating your kitchen.  But with so much going on around you, have you thought about how remodeling can affect your HVAC system?

Take Steps To Protect Your HVAC System

Adding space, updating and even just changing out the flooring kicks up a lot of dirt and dust, and all of that debris fills the air inside your home.  Your HVAC system draws the air in, channels it to the HVAC equipment and then distributes the heated or cooled air back into your home.  Even with the best filters, the abundance of airborne pollutants can clog up the system.  If you are remodeling, our technicians recommend that you follow some basic steps to keep your system running efficiently.

  1. If possible, turn off your system while the workers are performing tasks that produce dust and debris.
  2. Speak with your general contractor to plan for dust-producing tasks to be completed outside your home.
  3. Close and cover vents in the rooms where the work is happening, and re-open the vents at the end of the work day.
  4. Make sure that tarps and other protective materials are used to close off the work areas from the rest of your house.
  5. Replace or clean your filters every two days while the work is being done and again when the work is complete.
  6. Ask your general contractor to have workers clean the work area at the end of each day.

A programmable thermostat will help control the system operation when you are away from home.  One of our technicians can quickly install this type of thermostat so that you can use it as soon as the project begins.

Once your remodeling project is complete, contact And Services to have one of our technicians come to your home.  We will inspect your HVAC system and professionally clean the ductwork.

Upgrading Your HVAC System

If you are expanding the square footage of your home or reconfiguring the room designs, such as when you remove or add walls, your HVAC system may need to be upgraded.  The capacity of your current HVAC system was likely based upon the current square footage.  Also, thermostats and vents are positioned to optimize the efficiency of the system.  When you make changes to the interior layout of your home, you may need a higher-capacity system or have thermostats and vents relocated.  These are costs that you will want to include in your remodeling budget, so you should have one of our technicians evaluate your current system configuration well before the onset of your remodeling project.  We help you find the most budget-friendly options that will efficiently heat and cool your updated home.  If you have an older system, you may even save money on utility costs.

And Services is a full-service HVAC company that is available to help make your home remodeling an exciting and stress-free experience. Contact us anytime should you have questions about your heating and air conditioning system.