Kid-Friendly Energy Savings

Many families in the Tampa area take steps to save energy, but getting the littlest members to actively participate can be a challenge. In order to help you get the most out of your household energy reductions, And Services has put together some ways to engage your children in using less energy.

Kid-Friendly Concepts

One of the best ways that parents can engage their children in using less energy is by describing the benefits of reducing energy use in terms that they can readily understand. Your little one may not be interested in SEER ratings or the advantages of CFL light bulbs. Most kids, though, understand the value of money, especially pennies. Each week give your child five pennies and three quarters. Explain the following rules to them:

  • Turning on the lights = one penny
  • Keeping the lights on for two minutes = one penny
  • Turning on the air conditioner = one quarter
  • Running the air conditioner for two minutes = one quarter

After a few days children see how quickly their pennies and quarters disappear, and they become more attentive to using the lights and air conditioning.

Make Energy Savings a Family Affair

Emphasize the importance of saving energy and natural resources by developing a family game.  Make a chart that has each person’s name and a particular task, such as:

  • Closing windows
  • Turning off lights in unused rooms
  • Turning of the water instead of leaving it running for brushing teeth and rinsing dishes

Have a weekly goal and a prize that everyone will enjoy. You can even have tiers of prizes, such as ice cream if every does well or movie night if the results are excellent. Also set goals and prizes for each quarter (3 months) to keep the momentum in your household.

Once you explain the rules of the game, allow your children to participate on their own — do not remind them to do the tasks on the scoreboard. If they forget, simply do the task yourself and give yourself the points.

Involve Children in HVAC Maintenance

Is it time to change your filters or clean debris from around the outdoor unit?  Why not have your children help and learn about why these jobs are important? If you have a service call with one of our technicians, we can engage your children in our work safely. Children love to learn from people in different professional fields and areas of expertise, so our service calls can be transformed into educational opportunities for your entire family.

Lessons That Last a Lifetime

The lessons that you teach your children now will lower your energy costs and make energy conservation fun. By engaging your children in these activities early in life, you are also preparing them for a lifetime of energy awareness and conservation. They may learn habits that follow them through college and adulthood as well as what to consider when buying their own homes.

To learn more about our family-friendly services, contact us today to speak with a member of our staff and schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.