HVAC System Zoning: What Is It, and Why Should You Use It?

Is one section of your house always warmer or colder than the other sections? Do you find yourself adjusting the thermostat several times a day, or fighting with the other members of your house over what temperature to use? Does your electric bill increase sharply in the months where you run your heating or cooling system just to keep the house livable? Given that these are common issues for most homeowners, the chances are your answer is “yes.” If so, then a HVAC zoning system may be just what your home needs.

How Does System Zoning Work?

The concept of system zoning is similar to the HVAC systems you may have seen in large office buildings. Equipment called dampers are installed into the air ducts and wired to the central control unit. These dampers regulate the air flow into the separate zones. Based on the temperature readings of the extra thermostats that are also installed, the system can regulate the air flow to the various sections more effectively. No insulation is perfect, so the heating and cooling will still move about the building, but the zoning will greatly increase the accuracy from the thermostat to the actual temperature in each area.

Why Should You Install System Zoning Capability?

The two main benefits of a heating and cooling system that can treat areas individually are increased energy efficiency and improved comfort throughout the house. The improved efficiency afforded by system zoning can have an impact of as much as 30% on your heating and cooling costs. With some houses reaching heating and cooling costs above $300 during the summer and winter months, this can translate into more than enough savings to counteract the costs of installation. When combined with the extra comfort and reduction of stress by eliminating fights over the thermostat, the argument for installing a zoning system becomes extremely solid.

However, in some cases if your air ducts are just not properly sealed and underperforming,   repairing your air ducts may be the more reasonable solution to your problem. 

How Much Will It Cost?

The short answer is that the cost of installing a HVAC zoning system will require a professional to assess what you want in your system and the state of the building in which it will be installed in order to get an accurate estimate. The largest factors will be the state of the current HVAC system and the number of zones you wish to install. A total cost of $2000 can be possible, especially if you opt for four or more control zones, so many HVAC professionals recommend performing any upgrades when your system is already due for servicing. By following this rule and incorporating other energy saving techniques, the zoning system may even end up earning you money in the long run through energy savings and increases to the value of your home.

A Great Addition to Your Home

Given the benefits to home comfort, the potential for savings, and the decreased energy usage in a time where energy concerns are running rampant, there is little reason not to go with an HVAC zoning system if you are able to do so. Contact And Services today so you can begin enjoying more comfortable temperatures throughout your home as soon as possible.