Have a Cool Summer by Replacing Your Old AC Unit

If you are a Florida home-owner you know exactly how hot, humid and intense summer can be in the area. With an average summertime temperature of 90 degrees, summer is not the time for a failing air conditioning unit. Unfortunately, home-owners don’t typically pay special attention to their units until its to late. Being proactive can help to save both time and money.

An air conditioning unit that doesn’t cool the way it used to or energy bills that seem to keep rising are good signs that it may be time to replace your existing unit. Replacing your old air conditioning unit with a newer model is one way to keep your Florida home cool during those hot and humid summers while reducing your monthly utility cost.

Reduced Monthly Utility Bills

As the price of fuel steadily increases, so will the monthly electricity and gas bills for your home. As with any supply and demand structure, as the energy supplies reduce the cost and demand will both rise. This is partially to blame for the increased rates charged to provide electricity to your home. In these tough economic times many Florida families are looking for ways to reduce their expenses and save money.

Newer air conditioning systems help to reduce your utility bills by reducing the amount of energy necessary to operate them. These units are known as energy efficient models. A new air conditioning system can use up to 50% less energy than your existing unit. This reduction in energy use will translate to more money in your wallet.

Fewer Repairs

The amount of money many Florida home-owners spend on repairs for older HVAC systems could be put toward the cost of a newer system. Take some time to total the amount of money you’ve spent on repairing your old air conditioning unit and compare that to the cost of a newer unit. You might be surprised to see that you’ve spent a percentage of the cost of a new unit already. Continuously putting money into your exiting unit makes little sense from both a practical and fiscal stand point. Be proactive and replace your air conditioning unit today.

Better Comfort

The main purpose of an air conditioning unit is to keep your home cool. Failing or older units often don’t meet this goal which makes them virtually useless. Spots inside your home that are cooler than others or areas without any air flow are all signs of an older unit that is no longer equipped to keep your home cool. A new air conditioning unit will keep your home cool, providing greater comfort for you and your family.

Better for the Environment

A newer, more efficient air conditioning unit is likely to be far less harmful to the environment than your existing unit. The process of reducing your monthly spend on energy both helps to slow CO2 emissions and saves fossil fuels.

There is no simple way around the fact that replacing an air conditioning unit is a large task. However, at And Services, we are equipped to deal with any air conditioning system installation or maintenance issue in the Tampa, Clearwater, Brandon FL, and surrounding areas. We offer a wide variety of product lines to assist you in finding the exact type of air conditioning system to meet your unique needs.