Determining When It Is Time to Replace Your A/C Unit

There reaches a tipping point for every homeowner in deciding whether it is better to simply repair a broken or inefficient air conditioning system, or replace it. While it might seem that simply repairing the unit is the best choice, it may be old, outdated or operating efficiently, causing you more to run it every month than an efficient new unit. Discussing your options with your professional HVAC Company can help you determine the best avenue for you and your family.

New Government Standards

The federal government has set new standards and recommendations for every homeowner to replace any air-conditioning unit that is older than 10 years. As the efficiency rates of new units are significantly higher than older units, you can eliminate future repair bills and reduce your monthly electric cost simply because your new air conditioner will run more efficient.

A Return on Your Investment

The cost to replace your air conditioning unit is based on its size, and efficiency. Typically, air-conditioner units that have a higher seer rating will cost more up front, but run more efficiently every minute it operates, which will save you money on your utility bills each month. Purchasing a highly efficient air conditioner can easily return your investment through savings on your electric bills over the life of the unit.

Helping the Environment

Any home air-conditioner that was manufactured before 2010 uses a refrigerant known as R-22. The Environmental Protection Agency has determined that R-22 is depleting the Earth’s ozone layer of protection. As a response to their findings, they have initiated a gradual reduction of the harmful amounts of this chemical. As a way to do this they banned manufacturers from making any new air conditioner that are designed to cool the year using R-22 Freon refrigerant. By replacing your old air conditioner with a new one, you can do your part in helping the environment.

Making the Decision to Replace Your A/C

If your air conditioner needs frequent repairs for your electric bills are skyrocketing, it might be time to seriously consider replacing your A/C. Increasing electric bills are usually evidence of an air conditioner that has become extremely inefficient. Should your air conditioner or heat pump be more than 10 years old, it is most likely time to replace it with an Energy Star rated unit. New highly efficient air conditioners typically save up to 20% of your cooling costs, and can significantly reduce your electric bills to help offset the cost.

High Humidity Levels

If the rooms in your house feel cool on one end, and hot on another, it might be a duct problem, inadequate insulation or possibly faulty equipment. High humidity problems in the house are usually a result of poor equipment operation or an air conditioner that is of an inadequate size. It might possibly be leaking ductwork that is allowing the air to escape before reaching the interior of your home.

Homes that have excessive dust are usually an indicator of leaky ducts that are pulling air and particulates into the house from inside your attic, the basement or crawl spaces. If your cooling system is noisy, it may be due to an undersized duct system, or more likely a serious problem with your indoor coil inside the air-conditioner, used to cool down the air.

Proper Installation of Your New Air Conditioner

Your qualified professional HVAC Company will properly install a new air conditioning unit that works at peak efficiency to cool your house for the lowest monthly cost. Before signing the contract they will perform load calculations to determine the size your home requires, using the house’s cubic feet along with the rate of air exchange, to determine the correct size unit for your home. These calculations are necessary to optimize the performance of the unit so it works correctly.

The professionals will check your existing ductwork to ensure there is no leak, and that the duct runs are free of harmful particulates and dust. They might also exchange an ineffective thermostat to one that can be set to operate according to your family’s schedule.

No one likes to spend money needlessly on their house, but when the time comes to replace your air conditioner, it is money well spent. A quality made efficient air-conditioning unit installed by professionals will make the house cooler and more comfortable, and cost less each month to operate.

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