Florida Heating Options: Which Is Right for You?

ice on plants outside in Florida during winter

While Tampa and the surrounding areas enjoy one of the most temperate climates in the country, there are still times when it can get downright chilly out. Whether you’re new to the area or you suffered through the below-freezing temps for a few days during the last couple of seasons, you’re probably wondering what you can do to heat your home. Here are the best ways to get the “sometimes” heat that you need. Air Conditioner with Heat Strips Perhaps the most common way that people in

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Winter is Right Around the Corner – 5 Common Issues with Heating Systems

removing a thermostat cover in a home

While it stays pretty warm in the Tampa area most of the time, there are still some nights (and even days!) when your heating system can certainly be a lifesaver. However, what happens when you experience a heating system mishap? Listed here are some explanations of the top five issues homeowners have with their central heat. 1 – No Heat at All The number one reasons for service calls regarding heating units is that the customer’s furnace is not putting out any heat at all. There are

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An Introduction to Heat: How Heat Really Works

Before you can truly understand how hard your air conditioner must work to remove the heat from your home, you must first understand how heat really works. Then, you can apply some great money-saving tips and tricks to improve your air conditioner’s efficiency and longevity. A Matter of Perception First and foremost, heat is all a matter of perception to many of us. As an example, imagine that you put a cup of cold ice water and a mug of hot coffee on your dining room table.

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Different Methods for Heating Florida Homes

There are several methods for heating Florida homes, and some may be better than others since the winters here are typically short-lived and mild. Learning about the different ways in which your home can be heated may help you save time and money in the long run. Air Conditioners with Heat Strips Now, most Florida homes have air conditioners that are equipped with heat strips, or a heating element that can be used to warm the home in the event that the temperature drops significantly during the

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Save Energy during Florida Winters

sunlight coming through a residential window during winter in Florida

The Tampa area rarely gets downright cold in the wintertime, but it can and does happen from time to time. Of course, most people have a heating unit of some sort installed in their homes, whether it is a gas or electric furnace or even a heat pump. The following tips will help you run these appliances less often when it’s cold outside and help you save money. Let the Sunlight In Even when it’s cold outside, there’s one thing that all Floridians know: the sun still

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