How Thermostats Control Temperature

person adjusting analog thermostat

Throughout the year, you adjust your thermostat to warm or cool your home, but have you ever wondered exactly how a thermostat works?  In order to understand the inner workings of a residential thermostat, we start with understanding a basic mechanical, non-digital thermostat.

Fall Maintenance Time!

leaves on the ground representing Fall

As summer winds down, the nights are getting just a bit cooler.  Before the colder temperatures arrive, we recommend that you schedule autumn maintenance for your heating and HVAC system.  Your heating system is designed to last for many years, but the elements can take a toll.  Regular maintenance helps protect your investment and gives you reliable heating when your family needs it the most.

Winterizing Your Florida Home

Home on Florida beach

Though the Tampa area is known for its relatively mild winters, there are still times when cold Arctic air can creep in and leave you chilled to the bone. Winterizing your Florida home will not only keep you comfortable, but it will also help to lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Winterizing Solves Common Problems Though it may seem a bit silly to winterize a Florida home, particularly since the winter is usually quite mild and there are very few days that are actually

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Keeping Warm during Florida Cold Spells – Budget-Friendly Ideas

Warm home during Florida winter

Despite the generally warm and sunny climate in the Tampa, Florida area, there will inevitably come a cold snap that will leave many of us longing for some extra warmth. However, in many cases, the use of an energy-consuming furnace or inefficient heat strips isn’t really necessary as there are other ways to get warm – and stay that way – during short-lived cold spells. Use the Fireplace Fireplaces are some of the best and coziest ways to stay warm during a Florida cold spell. While it’s

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The Furnace Debacle: Finding the Right Size for a Small or Energy-Efficient Home

home representing proper size furnace

If you are building a new, green home or even if you just want to make your existing home more energy efficient, there are several things to consider in terms of your HVAC equipment. However, these decisions may turn out to be a bit frustrating due to the lack of equipment designed for compact or well-insulated homes. Today’s Problem Many people who are faced with this situation tend to notice something – the smallest furnaces out there are rated at 40,000 BTUs, much more than most people in Florida

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