Using Fluorescence to Detect Refrigerant Leaks

If you’ve ever paid attention to an HVAC technician who is trying to locate the sources of refrigerant leaks, you’ve probably seen the tried-and-true, decades-old method that involves spraying soapy water across refrigerant lines. When the soap hits the area where refrigerant is leaking, it will form noticeable bubbles. However, things have certainly changed, and more HVAC companies are using fluorescence to detect refrigerant leaks. How Big of an Impact do Refrigerant Leaks Really Make? Even though the US has required a shift to more environmentally-friendly refrigerants,

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Cleaning Your Vent Covers

vent covers

Do you ignore the dust and grime that is built up on your vent covers?  Replacement vent covers are sold at any home improvement store, but the cost can be extensive if you have several throughout your home.  The good news is that cleaning your vent covers is very easy, and you can take steps to keep them clean year-round!

Indoor Air Quality And Winter

bacteria spores from bad indoor air quality

Now that winter has arrived, indoor air quality may be a low priority on your list.  Like many homeowners, you associate springtime with indoor air quality problems because that is the season when the air is filled with pollen and other airborne pathogens.  Surprisingly, wintertime is when indoor air quality is poorest in most homes.

The 5 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

air conditioning technician adding freon

It might seem a bit alarmist, but it is no exaggeration to state that there are hundreds of potential problems that can come up in air conditioning systems. Furthermore, there are innumerable causes for those problems, each with its own signs and solutions. As a result, getting an expert to repair the air conditioning as soon as possible is important. This is both because expertise is needed to correct the problem and because air conditioning problems that are left to languish have unfortunate tendencies of exacerbating over

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How to Improve Air Conditioning Air Flow

How to Improve Air Conditioning Air Flow

Is your air conditioner not blowing air very hard? Is one room in your house hotter or cooler than the rest? You are not alone. If you’ve noticed that some of the rooms in your home cool far more easily than others, chances are good that you’ve blamed it on a sub-par central air conditioner or your aging home. However, there’s a very good chance that it may all be tied to air distribution in your duct system. Examining the Cause of Imbalanced Cooling If it seems

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