When to Call a Tampa HVAC Contractor: Common Scenarios

Woman calling a home HVAC service

If you have a whole-home heating system, it is possible for you to perform regular maintenance tasks on your own without having to contact any outside third party. However, there are some cases in which Florida homeowners should call on their friendly Tampa HVAC contractor for help. Listed here are four different scenarios to consider.

Heat Doesn’t Turn On

The steps you’ll take to remedy this issue depend on the type of heating system you use. If it is a gas system, make sure that the pilot is lit and that the gas supply line is open. For electric systems, you can check breakers and even press the reset button on many newer models. Finally, if you are using electric heat strips, a malfunction may also be caused due to a blown breaker. Last, check your thermostat to make sure that the batteries haven’t died and that it is working properly. If these things do not remedy the issue, then it is time to contact a Tampa HVAC contractor.

Heat Cycles On and Off

Another problem that some Florida homeowners may experience is the cycling of their heating systems off and on. This can be caused by many issues, and the easiest to fix is the thermostat. It may be that it is set to “short cycle”; that is, the furnace will kick off at the precise moment that the desired temperature is reached and then kick on again at the moment that the temperature drops a single degree. Setting the cycle to regular or long can often resolve this. If this is not the problem, then there may be something wrong with your heating system internally. A Tampa HVAC contractor can get to the root of the problem quickly.

Cool Air Coming from Registers

In almost all cases, if your heating system is working but the air coming through your registers is not warm, you will need to contact an air conditioner repair service for help. In a lot of cases, this signifies that the blower is coming on (the part of your unit that forces the air through your registers) but that the part of the furnace designed to do the heating is not working for any number of reasons.

Annual Maintenance

Finally, you should always remember to call in and schedule your annual maintenance appointment. Though this may seem redundant, especially if you have a newer system that has never given rise to any concerns, regular maintenance is the best way to ensure that your unit runs at its best for many, many years to come. These appointments consist of checking moving parts, cleaning parts of the heating unit that may get hot, checking your gas or electricity supply, and more. All in all, the best fix for a malfunctioning heat system is always regular maintenance from your Tampa HVAC contractor.

Although regular maintenance can go a long way to prevent the concerns many Florida homeowners have about their heat systems, if you are experiencing trouble with your unit, contact your Tampa HVAC contractor right away so you can stay warm and comfortable throughout the winter.