Beat the Heat With a New AC System

Florida’s summers are not known for their moderate temperatures. Choosing a quality replacement air conditioning unit is essential for any Floridian who wants a comfortable living space during the warmest part of the year.

One of the factors that go into the choice of air conditioning systems is the size of the unit. It will have to be appropriately sized to be effective. If it is undersized it will work too hard to keep up with the demands placed on it. Too large and it will get to the desired temperature too quickly, and therefore cycle on and off many times during day; this causes wear on parts of the unit and can shorten its lifespan.

Older homes often had oversized systems installed as they were not well insulated and needed the additional size to maintain a comfortable temperature. If a home has been retrofitted with sealed windows and doors and better insulation since the unit’s installation, this may mean that the unit is too large for the home. In addition to being inefficient, it will also fail to effectively remove moisture from the air in the home due to the shorter running cycles. This means it could possibly be causing the growth of mold along with other problems.

Benefits of a New Air Conditioner From And Services

* Newer air conditioning systems are more energy efficient. Improved efficiency is one of the most important benefits of owning a new air conditioner. One of the biggest factors in a household’s energy bill during the summer is the fact that increased use of an air conditioner usually causes a home’s energy bills to spike. Using an air conditioner is essential to maintaining a comfortable temperature in the typical Florida home. Older air conditioners are known for using lots of electricity in order to deliver cool air, usually inefficiently.

HVAC technology has improved dramatically in recent years, providing homeowners with air conditioning units that cool more effectively and use less electricity than the previous generations of devices. In fact, the most efficient HVAC system available just a decade ago would be extremely inefficient by today’s standards. In order to find the most energy efficient unit, a Florida homeowner should look at factors such as EER rating (wattage divided by Btus) and Energystar rating. The two-stage Carrier Infinity Series model 24ANA1 is an example of an extremely energy efficient unit as it has a SEER rating of 21.

* Improved air quality is another benefit of upgrading an air conditioning system from And Services. The air quality within a home may be diminished by such factors as dust, pollen and mold. These things can exacerbate allergies and respiratory conditions like asthma. Older air conditioners may not effectively remove the bulk of these pollutants, whereas newer units such as the Bryant Evolution Systems model 180B may accomplish this more effectively. This system features an electronic air cleaner which draws dirt and dust particles to an electronic plate within the unit. The difference between old and new systems is with the type of filtration. For example, newer types of technology like UV light filtration systems can effectively sanitize air by destroying biological contaminants such as fungi and bacteria.

* Professional installation is key to having a comfortably cool Florida home during the summer. The most important step in getting the most value from a new air conditioning unit is choosing the right contractor to install it. In addition to being correctly sized, the unit will have to be correctly installed in order to be effective. This means making sure that all seals and ductwork are without leaks. An HVAC contractor should also ensure that a home has the right wiring for a new air conditioning unit.