Through Proper Maintenance Your A/C Can Last for Years

Air-conditioning is an essential part of living a comfortable life during the warm season of late spring through summer. Working at its peak efficiency, your air conditioner can provide a cool interior environment, along with breathable air, free of allergens and dust. Following a few simple maintenance tips, you can eliminate many of the expensive air conditioning repairs that will be needed should your A/C breaks down. While most machines will eventually die out or become dysfunctional, the improper maintenance of your air conditioner will certainly accelerate

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Should I Replace My AC And Furnace?

girl thinking about HVAC definitions

Homeowners in the Brandon area know that their air conditioning system is critical during the high temperature months of the Florida summer. Homeowners turn on their AC systems in the beginning of the season and set the temperature low. They often take for granted that their system will work hard for the next three to four months. Even if you have an older unit, you hope that you can make it through just one more summer before you have to consider replacing your cooling system. You start to notice subtle changes

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AC Installation: Residential Fire Protection

Every summer one topic comes up frequently amongst the staff of And Services — the wildfires that ravage the southwest. Our hearts go out to families that lose their homes, and we are also affected by the amount of wild land that is lost each year. This summer the conversation was brought home when we considered the effects of fires on our customers in Hillsborough County. We speak a lot about the sizing requirements and efficiency of HVAC systems, but we rarely have the chance to educate

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AC Installation: Why Sizing Is Important

No Florida homeowner has money to waste, and HVAC equipment and installation is a huge investment where every penny counts. We hear from many homeowners in Hillsborough County who tell us that they used another HVAC installer and are now frustrated with their new AC systems. Unfortunately, we cannot always deliver good news. In many cases, the equipment is not sized properly for the square footage of the home. Imagine being told by a licensed HVAC contractor that you just invested a large amount of your budget in

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AC Repair Tips

air conditioner technician explaining the difference between HVAC refrigerants

Summer is in full swing, and air conditioning repairs are probably the last thing on your mind. Unfortunately, sometimes our AC systems simply stop working at the worst possible moment. When you notice that your home is getting warmer instead of cooler, you want a solution fast! Even waiting the short amount of time for one of our AC repair technicians to arrive can seem like an eternity. Luckily, there are some steps that you can take to try to get your air conditioning running again. Checking

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