Cleaning Your Vent Covers

vent covers

Do you ignore the dust and grime that is built up on your vent covers?  Replacement vent covers are sold at any home improvement store, but the cost can be extensive if you have several throughout your home.  The good news is that cleaning your vent covers is very easy, and you can take steps to keep them clean year-round!

Indoor Air Quality And Winter

bacteria spores from bad indoor air quality

Now that winter has arrived, indoor air quality may be a low priority on your list.  Like many homeowners, you associate springtime with indoor air quality problems because that is the season when the air is filled with pollen and other airborne pathogens.  Surprisingly, wintertime is when indoor air quality is poorest in most homes.

The Story Of Halloween

jack-o-lantern pumpkin

Halloween has always been a time when children and adults tap into their imaginations and become a favorite character.  But how much do you really know about the tradition of Halloween?

The Uncertainty Of Fall

person adjusting central heating thermostat

The Fall season is a perfect blend of comfortably warm days and cool nights.  Florida typically experiences a 15° to 17° difference in temperature from daytime to nighttime, but the autumn weather poses a unique challenge.  In the summer you consistently rely on your air conditioning system, and in winter, your furnace is your “go to” HVAC choice.  In the Fall, though, you may use the air conditioning during the day and the heater at night.  If your HVAC system is well-maintained, you are unlikely to experience

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Hybrid Design: Going Beyond Automobiles

the text Hybrid announcing HVAC hybrid systems

Hybrid designs stand out as the most fuel efficient models available in today’s automotive market.  By maximizing the benefits of two types of motors — gas and electric— as well as capturing energy from the brakes, hybrid owners see some pretty significant savings at the pump.  Hybrid technology goes beyond automobiles, though.  Some of today’s most advanced heating systems are based on combining two types of motors to save you money.